Trading Q’s/Other

Hello everyone!  Now that we have so many people using coupons, we thought it would be great to be able to share!  This is the place to post if you are looking for a particular coupon or to post if you have coupons to give away for an item that you would NEVER use (hint: if it is a product that you would like to use but the product is still expensive, you may want to hold onto it…you never know when a good deal for it may come up). Use the comments section to post and happy sharing! 🙂

For example, since Karissa still is not trained for sleeping times, we still use Pull-Ups, so we might post that we could use Pull-ups coupons (many of you have children that are potty trained and wouldn’t need to use them).  In return, we might post that we have ___________ coupons that we won’t use, so if anybody wants them, let us know. (Sorry I don’t have our coupon list right now so I can’t look to see what we want to get rid of, but hopefully you get the idea how this would work.)

This is also the place for  you to post miscellaneous comments that don’t really go with any of our posts.  Maybe you know of a deal at a store we haven’t covered or just something that you want to share and you don’t know where it would “belong.”


7 responses to “Trading Q’s/Other

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  2. Great q’s at nestle for Stoffers, ovaltine, and more. I got an e-mail from them, so go to:
    and sign up. I don’t see that you can print q’s without an e-mail invite. At $1, they will be great when we have super doubles.

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