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Have a question about a specific deal or just couponing in general?  Feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!



7 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Hey guys, I am sorry, I am so new to blogging…. I wanted to leave a general comment for anyone who didn’t know and didn’t know where to leave it. Do you have a general discussion board section?? Is this it?!

    Do you know about It is one of the easiest sites to find a q as they are listed in ABC order. Great Hillshire Farms q for just picking a favorite sandwich… I just picked a pretty one as I hadn’t tried any. Stack with BJ’s on line printable from the BJ’s website for $2.


  2. Hey guys, were there inserts in the WP this week? I went to the Shell station in G-town this evening and the 2 papers they had were insert free. Happy Harry’s and the Exxon didn’t have papers, guess they don’t cary. Were else can you get the Sunday WP? Thanks.

  3. ok, so I hope I am posting this to the right spot. I LOVE this has saved me sooooo much money and I look forward to learning more from you all about couponing!!! Thank you for doing this for those of us who do not have the time to do all the research 🙂 My favorite part about this blog is that you break down the coupon deals for to get stuff cheap or free….I did not understand the whole double, triple coupon thing!!! Again thank you and I pray you keep it up. I was wondering as well if I can share this blog with other freinds who are interested in learning how to save money?

    • Thanks, Christina! We love hearing that we are helping people! You can certainly share our site with family, friends, or whoever you feel would be interested!

  4. Hey Trish, I have gone to koupon lady and didn’t care for it because it is not updated. Several tines I clicked a link where there was no coupon or got a coupon that was for a value that wasn’t what she said. I still do check it ocassionally though.

    I’m not sure about the WP this week. I got a Baltimore Sun in the morning and stopped back in the evening and those same WP’s were there with no inserts. Maybe someone had taken the inserts out. I don’t know any other places in the Georgetown area that sells the WP but I know Giant and HT sell it. I emailed WP once and asked for a listing of who sells it in our area and never got a response.

    Christina, you need to comment on the giveaway post. Find that post and scroll to the end and add a comment there. You can either copy and paste the comment above or add a new one. Thanks so much for the encouragement. We greatly appreciate it. We certainly want you to tell EVERYONE about our site.

    • Yes, I have had a few disappointments there, too. But it is so easy to check for a specific q that I do use it when I don’t have any idea where another q might be. Just knowing where it is not anymore helps!

      Thanks for the WP info. I wasn’t near any of those stores Sunday, it was our eldest son’s first anniversary, so I was limited on time and area. But I will definitely keep those locations in mind for future reference!

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