Harris Teeter Super Doubles Note

I spoke with the store manager this morning at the Long Neck store and told him about how awhile back I was told they would give rainchecks for super double coupon items they were sold out of but when I went back to redeem them, the manager gave me a really hard time.  He said he would tell his managers and cashiers again that they are to give rainchecks and honor them as long as the coupons are still valid and not out of date.  He said customers should not be penalized just because items are sold out.  He said the company policy is wishy washy but this is the way his store will handle it so any of you that shop at Bethany or Selbyville will have to talk to those store managers about this.  Thanks for reading and enjoy Super Doubles!!


5 responses to “Harris Teeter Super Doubles Note

  1. Megan who is the store manager you spoke to? I have gotten 2 different answers the last time and this way I know who has the official say. Thanks!

    • Renzo is the manager we usually try to speak to. He is there mostly mornings. He has been very helpful to us whenever we had a question and always seems to want to help us couponers instead of make it difficult like some of them do.

        • Yes. If they are out of stock on an item, go get a rain check like you normally would. In the past they would mark “super doubles” on the rain check and attach your coupon to the rain check so if they don’t do that, you may want to ask.

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