Purex Winners!

Thanks for all of your tips everyone – they were all great and I’m sure our readers have found something new to try with their laundry!  So I went to random.org and put in 1-16 (the number of comments there were: the post says 18, but it is counting a pingback we had and a comment reply…if you count just the comment entries, there are only 16) and the winners are:
#13:  Christina: “the best laundry tip I ever received was to use ammonia to get out the old mildew smells from leaving laundry int he washer
overnight. Also works great to get the smell of dog urine out of towels and bed clothes.”

#5: Tammy:   “My biggest tip (although not really) is doing a load of laundry every day…no matter what. If the stains don’t sit long, I usually have a
better chance of getting them out, plus, I never feel completely overwhelmed!”

Thanks everyone for entering!  Christina and Tammy – be looking for an email for me to arrange for your prize!


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