Changes Coming

Hello everyone, I am writing this post to let you all know there will be some changes coming to our blog.  First off, starting Monday some of the posts will be posted at different times.  This is because I have taken a new bid at work and I will no longer be working on the midnight shift when I do most of the posting.  I will be rotating between 8-4 and 4-12.  It will be harder to post but we are committed to continuing with the blog and doing our best to help you all save money.

We are going to try this for a trial period of 2 weeks and as long as we are able to continue blogging to your satisfaction we are going to change our blog to a real website which means we will have to start paying.  This is going to allow us to possibly do some advertising and be able to do more posts without having to link to other sites.  We would like to ask you all to please commit to using our blog faithfully and telling others about our blog.  We know many of you use other websites and blogs to find out about deals and saving money and that is fine but we would like to be the blog you check first and use the most.  If there are features other blogs have that we don’t please share that with us and we will see about adding it to our site.

We thank you all for visiting our site and we know many of you have shared the site with others for which we are very thankful.  Please continue to share and give us feedback in the coming weeks so we can do our best to make this a valuable site for people in our surrounding area.

Thank you very much!!

4 responses to “Changes Coming

  1. Thanks for all you do! The one feature that would be awesome to add would be creating a shopping list that can be printed or emailed by clicking on the listed deals. Just a suggestion. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Amy. We have had a few people suggest that. That’s one thing we can’t do with our current blog but we are hoping to be able to add that when/if we change to a website. Thanks for reading.

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