We are extending the giveaway until Tuesday night at midnight.  We wanted to give everyone a chance to enter that wants to so if you thought you were too late, you have another chance so enter the giveaway here now.  All you have to do is leave a comment telling your best laundry tip.  Go here to read the original post and make a comment.  Your comment must be on that post and commenting on this post or any post on Facebook does not qualify.


3 responses to “GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Thanks Heidi, to be eligible for the giveaway, click the giveaway link in the post above and leave your comment on the original page with everyone else’s comments. Thanks. Only comments left at that location are eligible.

  2. Two of my favorite products: 1. Fels-Naptha Bar soap – works great on stains and ring around the collar. 2. Nikwax Down Wash – a detergent designed for down filled clothing or duvets. I use it to wash our down filled vest and jackets.

    I hang our clothes on the line outside to dry. The clothes smell so good and I enjoy the time outside.

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