Okay everybody….it took us a little longer than we hoped, but we are hosting our first giveaway since switching to this site.  We have a bigger giveaway coming up soon, but this, even though it is a smaller one, is still a good one.  Are you ready for it?

We will have TWO winners.  Each winner will get a coupon for a FREE bottle of Purex Complete with Zout laundry detergent.  You have more than a year to use the coupon before it expires.  Are you interested?  To enter to win all you need to do is leave a comment sharing your best laundry related tip with all of our readers.  It could be a tip for actually doing the laundry or a tip related to how to save money when doing laundry.  Anything related to laundry will do.  We will use a site called to pick 2 winners.  You have until midnight Sunday night (in other words 12am on Monday) to enter.  Only comments on this post will count (commenting on another post or on our Facebook page will not work for this giveaway).  Good luck and even if you don’t win maybe you’ll learn a new tip to try the next time you have a laundry pile to tackle!

18 responses to “GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  1. The best thing that I have used when doing laundry is Shout’s color catching sheets. They are amazing! I can now mix my darks and whites together and not worry about anything bleeding. It is so easy to do and it works like magic. I am so glad that I stumbled upon the Shout color catcher because it has really changed the way I do laundry.

  2. Best way to get crayon or other oil based things out of clothing is to spray with WD-40, let soak a few minutes, then pour on Tide and wash! We found this out after one of the children left a crayon in their pocket. I had to treat an entire load of laundry when the crayon melted all over in the dryer. Works great on grease, oil, or any petroleum based messes! Happy washing!

  3. I never find coupons for this, but it is something I can’t live without. I started using Dreft Laundry Stain Remover when my son was in the Nicu for the 5 months. I had to wash all of his clothes in Dreft for the Nicu to even allow me to bring them in to the room. With being so premature they constantly had to check his sugar, which sometimes caused blood to get on his clothes as well as him spitting up do to severe reflex. It was horrible at times, because him being in Christiana hospital and us living in a place that we were remodeling in Georgetown we couldn’t afford to go to the hospital everyday. We also had to get the house finished before he came home. I ended up getting sick with a cold for a week and they would not let me go see him as well. I also got bit by a spider throughout his visit there, so they wouldn’t let me come see him until it cleared up too. It was just straight up horrible and I never want to experience it again. Closer to him coming home, I had to be there everyday, so they knew I knew what I was doing. Me saying this, I at times had clothes that were about 5 days old with spoiled stains on them. I would spray the Dreft stain remover on them and let them soak for about 30 minutes and then wash them with Dreft at the time and everytime the stains of blood or spit up would come out. I actually started using it on my husband’s and my clothing and with my son being 18 months old now, I still buy it and will continue to buy it as long as they sell it. I swear by it and tell everyone that ends up getting something on them at my house that Dreft is the stuff they need to use and its 2.98 at walmart. lol

  4. My biggest tip (although not really) is doing a load of laundry every day…no matter what. If the stains don’t sit long, I usually have a better chance of getting them out, plus, I never feel completely overwhelmed!

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  6. I try and do one load a day…in order to keep up with the laundry demands. Also, I hang dry most of our nice clothes. We only use scent free laundry detergent because of allergies and it seems to work alright.

  7. To remove ink pen stains from clothes you can use hairspray. Just spray liberally with hair spray and let it sit awhile. Wash as you normally would. May need to repeat but it works great. This is a well known tip among wearers of white lab coats with pen stains on the pockets! (This also worked on my couch – thank you two year old son).

  8. My money saving tip for doing the laundry is that I only use amount of soap it requires for my load and I put the cap in the washer to make sure I get all the soap. But I use to just fill my cap to the top and was waisting it now a 32 load bottle will last me a month and half where be for I was lucky if i got 2 weeks out of it

  9. the best laundry tip I ever received was to use ammonia to get out the old mildew smells from leaving laundry int he washer overnight. Also works great to get the smell of dog urine out of towels and bed clothes.

  10. Two of my favorite products: 1. Fels-Naptha Bar soap – works great on stains and ring around the collar. 2. Nikwax Down Wash – a detergent designed for down filled clothing or duvets. I use it to wash our down filled vest and jackets.

    I hang our clothes on the line outside to dry. The clothes smell so good and I enjoy the time outside.

  11. By adding 2 tennis balls to a load of towels or sheets it makes them come out fluffier and helps save money on drying time. It causes them to dry faster. Just make sure your kids or your dog don’t jump in after them!! :). Its a great fun thing to get your kids to help to do the laundry.

  12. My best money saving laundry tip is to buy an outside cloths line (we have the one shaped like a square). We hang all our laundry out to dry and it has made a HUGE difference in our electric bill!

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