Realistic “Extreme” Couponing Session 5

Sorry for missing last week….it was sort of a last minute decision for myself and our little one to go with Dave to Ohio so I ended up not having time to post.  Anyway, you are pretty much on your way to saving lots of money!  You’ve found out where to get your coupons, how to organize them, how Drugstores work, and how grocery stores work.  Just a little bit more information for you and you’ll be a pro! (If you aren’t already!)

I just wanted to take some time today to explain all of our abbreviations because it can be quite confusing.  We also have these on the sidebar of our main page so you can easily reference them while looking at our posts.  Now that you have your coupons and know how the stores work, all you need to do is follow our blog and go to work!

When there is a coupon that we match with a store sale and the coupon is not a printable coupon, you will need to know this shorthand.
Coupon Inserts Found in Sunday Newspapers:
RP = Red Plum
SS = Smart Source
PG = Procter and Gamble
GM = General Mills
The date following these abbreviations is the date of the newspaper where the coupon could be found. For example, a coupon in the SS 2/13 is found in the Smart Source insert from the February 13th newspaper.

*Note: Coupons and their values vary by paper.  This is why we have a preference of which newspaper we buy.  As I mentioned in the first post in this series, we prefer the Baltimore Sun, but since their price increase, we have been buying the Washington Post.  We find that the bigger city papers have more coupons than the News Journal.  The Philadelphia Inquirer has some of the best coupon values, but it rarely has all of the inserts.  Also, keep in mind the kind of coupons to look for.  During a normal week, you usually want coupons that are mostly less than a dollar because that is what will get doubled at the stores we shop at.  However, this last week during Super Doubles at Harris Teeter, we wanted coupons over a dollar.  Just keep this in mind if you have a different paper than we got, the value on your coupon may not be the same as what we have on our list. Also, note that a dollar amount followed by a slash and a number is the coupon value. For example, $1/1 is a coupon for one dollar of one item.

We’ve covered the drugstore information already, but here is just a reminder of the abbreviations you will see related to them:
RR = Register Rewards (Walgreens)
ECB = Extra Care Bucks (CVS)
+UP = like RR’s or ECB’s (Rite Aid)
These 3 types of rewards are given for buying certain items. You use them like cash toward your total cost on your next purchase. ECB’s and +UPs are printed at the bottom of your receipt. RR’s are printed separately after your receipt.

Other general terms/abbreviations:
Catalina = A reward that stores give for buying a certain amount of products. For example, an ad might say, “Spend $20 on the items shown, get $4 off your next purchase.” The catalina will then print separately after you check out.
PSA = Prices Start At (You will see this on posts for make up deals at drugstores and things where the items are all different prices that you may want to buy.  You may want to buy the product that is the cheapest, but if you already have a ton of eyeshadow and that’s where prices start, you may want to pay a little more and get something you do need.  There are other times you will see PSA, but this is just the most common.)
WYB = When You Buy (This is usually referring to getting a reward when you buy a certain number of items.  For example, a $3 RR wyb 2 _____.)
OYNO = On Your Next Order (This usually is found with catalina’s…get a catalina for $5 OYNO would mean you get a $5 catalina that you can use the next time you shop.)

So, hopefully this makes sense and I didn’t confuse you more. 🙂  Next week I am planning on showing you our shopping list for that week so you can see exactly how we do it.  We are coming to an end of these sessions.  I am thinking about making the final session a Q&A type post where I would answer any questions you have.  If you have any questions, please comment below or contact us.


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