Changes Coming!

Okay everyone: there will be some changes coming to our site.  They could be good, they could be bad…we’ll see how it goes.  You see, doing this site takes a LOT of time.  We don’t mind at all and consider it to be like a ministry to help people with their finances….IF people are using it and finding it helpful.  However, if people aren’t really using it, then it is a waste of our time instead of a ministry.  So this is where the changes come in.  If you really use our site, please let us know.  It seems like whenever we try to get a response from people and ask questions or ask for feedback, we only hear from a couple of people.  Maybe (hopefully) you are all just a quiet bunch and don’t say much, which is fine, but we don’t know that.

If we are really helping people, then we have some good changes coming.  Next week I will be starting a series to help newbies see how couponing works and to refresh the memories of those who have already started.  I will be starting with the basics of getting coupons and organizing them and going through how to use coupons at drugstores and grocery stores to get your items free/cheap.  (If you have any specific questions that you would like answered as I do this series, let us know!  You can comment below or contact us.)  Eventually, we may even get an actual site instead of a blog…we’ll have to see how things go. And, we will do some more giveaways.

Now, for the bad changes…If it seems like nobody is really finding the site useful, then this might be the end.  I don’t mean to make this sound like we are laying a guilt trip on everybody.  We just want to make sure we are using our time as wisely as our money and have decided it is only wise to spend time doing this if people are using it.  Thanks for reading and we hope to hear from you!


16 responses to “Changes Coming!

  1. I refer to your blog whenever a post is sent out. It is nice to have a local blog site that refers to local stores. Do you ever post specials for Giant, Foodlion or Superfresh? The Safeway and Harris Teeter postings are always helpful.
    Thanks for your hard work!

    • Thank you! We do Giant and Superfresh occasionally if we see that they have a few good sales. We rarely do Food Lion, mostly because they don’t double coupons so it is much harder to get a good deal there.

  2. I absoultely love your site. First thing in the morning I make coffee, feed my son, log on to facebook, then onto your site. I find it very useful and I have been able to get many items completely free by using the coupons that you post as well as having the manafactured coupons that I get in my sunday papers. I find it very helpful because even though I’m a stay at home mom I really don’t have time to sit down and figure out every sale that is going on. I rely on your site every single day, for instance if it wasn’t for your site at the last super double I would have not known about the lysol promotion that they were doing to get 5 dollars off. I ended up getting 11 items for 3.00, so awesome!!! If you choose to quit, you will def. be missed. GOD BLESS!!!!

  3. Hi, I don’t facebook much and really do prefer the lifesabeach site. What you do is a great ministry. I was quiet as it seemed I was the only one commenting for awhile and I didn’t want to seem like I was trying to be a no it all. I will be glad to leave comments as I have something to add. I think we were all just tuning in to hear you!! Thanks Dave and Megan.

  4. I want to say thank you for ALL you do…I do use your site all the time. I understand how much time it takes you to do what you do and I appreciate it, especially now that I am teaching full time and am not home to do the research to get the deals. I do
    understand however if there are only a few why you would have to stop.

  5. I check this blog weekly. And I can vouch for at least 15 women in my couponing group that also check it. Please don’t stop posting!

  6. Yes, I defiantly use your site, I am just a quite one!! I love your site and I recommend it all the time!


  7. I love your site!!! For what it is worth, I had signed up with non-local couponing sites to receive their emails. I was getting so many that I created a rule in my email account to put all those emails automatically in a folder EXCEPT for your emails. They come & stay in my inbox. Thanks again for all you do. I will make an effort to be more vocal, so you both know what much you are appreciated…

  8. Hi Guys! I love your sight too! I have been slacking in the coupon department lately but trying to get back into it. We are just busy with school and activities! Thanks for all you do!

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