Harris Teeter Update & More SD Deals!!

I went to Harris Teeter again yesterday to get some good deals with super double coupons and had to get a couple of rainchecks. I asked about them stapling my coupons to the rainchecks so I could still get my coupons doubled when the items are back in stock and she said sure.  I then asked her how long they had been doing that and she said it was against company policy but they wanted their customers to be happy so they have been doing it.  She made it sound like I was wrong for asking but reluctantly would do it.  I’m going to talk to the store manager next time I’m in there because its not right to make customers feel like we are breaking the rules.  I want to know exactly what their policy is going to be-either they do it or they don’t.  Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you.  Here are a couple more coupons that will give you good deals if you are going by there today.

Lifesavers Gummies 13oz  $1.99
$1/1 Skittles, Lifesavers, or Starburst Gummies Printable
Free after doubled coupon

Bumble Bee Tuna Can or Pouch  $1.00
$1/2 Bumble Bee Tuna Product Printable (only 25 points at RecycleBank)
2 Free after doubled coupon
(if you haven’t signed up at RecycleBank you will get 25 points just for signing up)

Minute Maid Juice 6.75oz 10pk  $2.79
$1/1 Minute Maid Juice 10pk Printable
$.79 after doubled coupon

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Liquid Creamer  $2.79
$1/1 Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Creamer Printable
$.79 after doubled coupon

Earthbound Farm Organic Salads  $3.50
$1/1 Earthbound Farm Product Printable (get a 100% on a 12 question quiz)
$1.50 after doubled coupon
(quite often I see these salads on the clearance cart in the produce section so if that is the case, you could get them free with needing the coupon doubled.)


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