100 RecycleBank Points to Add to Your Account!!

RecycleBank is now doing a “Green Your Vacation” contest.  Go there now and click the big icon on the home page and after the video plays click the suitcase and you will see different items moving around–cars, an airplane, a train, a boat, a flying suitcase, and click the clouds also.  Each item has a quiz or pledge that will open up and doing each one will get you 65 points added to your account.

Also, click on the earn points tab and there are a couple new ways to earn more points.  I was about to add more than 100 points to our account today doing all these pledges and quizzes!!

Register or login to your account here.

If you are new to our blog and don’t know what RecycleBank is; it’s a website that rewards you for recycling and doing other “green” activities like watching videos on the website or taking quizzes.  They give you points which can be excanged for coupons and other things.


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