Rite Aid Coupon Policy Changes

Rite Aid has made some changes to its coupon policy and I am not happy about them and will probably send them an email letting them know of my disappointment and this will also limit my shopping there.

1.  They will no longer accept a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 promotion item so no more getting both items free.

2.  They will only accept 1 coupon on B1G1 promotion items & the value cannot exceed the selling price of the item.

3.  They will limit coupons used to 4 like coupons per item.

You can see the revised coupon policy here.  The top two are very disappointing because they are taking money from us, the customers.  By not accepting a B1G1 coupon on a B1G1 deal, they are limiting the amount of money you can save and by only taking 1 coupon for a B1G1 deal they are not making more money for their company but they are just keeping us from saving more money because they get paid back for all coupons regardless.  Also when they have an item on sale for $3 and we have a $4 off coupon, they will only let you get $3 off which means we get the item free but then they get $4 back from the manufacturer so they make money off us.  The limiting coupons to 4 like coupons is a good thing because that will help prevent one person from being able to clear the shelves allowing more people to take advantage of deals.  Hopefully they will get a lot of complaints about these changes and either adjust them or change them back.


3 responses to “Rite Aid Coupon Policy Changes

  1. I went to Rite Aid today and bought two things of banana boat sun block. It was B1G1 and I used two coupons on them, so paid 8.99 for two bottles. Didn’t think that was to bad.

    • No, that’s pretty good. Sometimes this time of year we find deals where you can get suncare items close to free but we haven’t found as many this year. Thanks for sharing.

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