Harris Teeter Deals 5/4-5/10

Here are the best deals I see for this week at Harris Teeter.  Triple coupons continue for values up to $.99.  A bunch of new E-Vic coupons are now in my account so check yours to see what you have.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt 6oz Cup  $.60
$.50/3 Stonyfield Organic Yogurt 6oz Cup Printable
$.10 ea. wyb 3 after tripled coupon

Nestle Single Candy Bars 1.5-2.1oz  $.50
$.50/2 Nestle Single Candy bars 1.5-2.1oz  SS#2 5/1 (BS)
2 Free after tripled coupon

New York Texas Toast Croutons 5oz  $1.00
$.50/1 New York Texas Toast Croutons  SS 4/3 (BS, PI) or All You Magazine May ’11
Free after tripled coupon

New York Texas Toast Tortilla Strips 4.5oz  $1.50
$.50/1 New York Texas Toast Tortilla Strips–All You Magazine May ’11
Free after tripled coupon

Colgate Wisp To Go Toothbrush  $1.99
$.75/1 Colgate Wisp Product 4ct & larger–All You Magazine April ’11
Free after tripled coupon

Colgate Toothpaste  $.99
$.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste  SS 5/1 (NJ)
Free after tripled coupon Coupon is for 4oz +, 3oz is on sale for $.99

Werthers Original Caramel Chocolates Candy 5.2oz Bag  $1.50
$.75/1 Werthers Original Caramel Chocolates  SS 3/13 (All)
Free after tripled coupon

Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt Parfait 4pk  $2.00
$.75/1 Breyers YoCrunch Yogurt Parfait 4pk  SS 2/13 exp. 5/8 or SS 4/3 (NJ, PI, SN, WP)
Free after tripled coupon

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal 20oz  $1.99 (B1G1)
$.70/1 Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal Printable
Free after tripled coupon

Tornados Frozen Product 8.4oz Box  $1.47 (B1G1)
$.75/1 Tornados Frozen 8.4oz Box  SS 2/13
Free after tripled coupon

Palmolive Ultra Soft Touch Dish Liquid 25oz  $2.00
$.75/1 Palmolive Ultra Soft Touch Dish Liquid  SS 5/1 (NJ)
Free after tripled coupon

Minute Ready To Serve Rice Product  $1.67
$.50/1 Minute Rice Product  SS 2/27
$.17 after tripled coupon

Tabasco Hot Sauce Product 2oz  $1.99
$.60/1 Tabasco Product  RP 5/1 (BS)
$.19 after tripled coupon

X-14 Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner  $1.89
$.55/1 X-14 Cleaning Product  SS 5/1 (BS, NJ)
$.24 after tripled coupon

Odwalla Food or Protein Bar  $1.33
$.35/1 Odwalla Product–All You Magazine April ’11
$.28 after tripled coupon

Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator 32oz  $2.55
$.75/1 Glade Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator Product 
$.30 after tripled coupon

Skintimate Shave Gel Can 7oz  $1.99
$.55/1 Skintimate Shave Gel  SS 3/27 (BS, NJ, SN)
$.34 after tripled coupon

Fresh Strawberries 16oz  $1.99 (B1G1)
$.50/1 Driscoll’s Berries Printable
$.49 after tripled coupon (if the sale is Driscoll’s)

Welch’s Grape Jam or Jelly 32oz  $2.15
$.55/1 Welch’s Jam, Jelly, or Spread  SS#2 5/1 (BS)
$.50 after tripled coupon

Buitoni Fresh Refrigerated Pasta  $1.50
$1/1 Buitoni Product Printable
$.50 after coupon

Yardley Soap Bar  $1.49
$.30/1 Yardley Product–All You Magazine May ’11
$.59 after tripled coupon

Sargento Shredded Cheese 7-8oz Bag  $2.50
$.55/1 Sargento Shredded Cheese–All You Magazine May ’11
$.85 after tripled coupon

Nature Valley Granola Bars  $2.00
$.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars  SS 3/27 (BS, NJ, SN)
$.87 ea. wyb 2 after tripled coupon

Hidden Valley Salad Kit  $2.00
$1/1 Hidden Valley Salad Kit  SS 3/13 (All)
$1.00 after coupon

Dole All Natural Fruit in 100% Juice Jar  $3.29
$.75/1 Dole All Natural Fruit in 100% Juice Jar–All You May ’11
$1.04 after tripled coupon

Sani-Hands for Kids Wipes 40ct  $2.89
$.55/1 Sani-Hands Product Printable
$1.24 after tripled coupon

Farm Rich Frozen Appetizers 22-32oz Bag  $4.99
$.75/1 Farm Rich Snacks Printable 
$2.74 after tripled coupon

Glad Trash Bags All Varieties  $5.99
$.75/1 Glad Trash Bags  P&G 5/1 (All)
$3.74 after tripled coupon


9 responses to “Harris Teeter Deals 5/4-5/10

  1. I’m trying to print out the coupon for the strawberries, but it is saying that I need to download a coupon activator. I click on install and it pops up that I successfully have installed it, but nothing prints out. What is going on with it???

    • Sorry for not being able to respond right away but have you been able to print the coupon? If not, you may want to try restarting your computer and try again and if that doesn’t work, you could try using a different web browser. I don’t know what else to try if neither of those work. We have had this problem in the past but I can’t remember what we did to fix it. Hope one of those helps.

  2. The Driscoll’s coupon states that no doubling is permitted… does that mean this coupon remains at the face value of $.50? (
    The stores cannot double or triple?)

    • A lot of coupons will say do not double on them or doubling is not permitted and there are some stores (Superfresh) that won’t double them when they say that. Our local Harris Teeter stores do still double and triple coupons that say do not double or triple so you shouldn’t have a problem. The only coupons I have come across that won’t double are the coupons in the machines at the stores and if they won’t double or triple on their own, the store won’t manually double or triple them. Hope this helps.

  3. Did the P&G mail in for $10 with the purchase of $30 yesterday. It is $30 of the sale price. It doesn’t count ZVR’s or coupons. So I spent $32, ZVR’s and q’s for $11.75 and will get $10 back on a visa. Problem…. nothing printed and no one knew what to do. They refunded and rerung just the P&G stuff, still nothing but an angry manager. 😦 AFC posted issues, too. Someone called P&G and got an address to mail receipt. Just want to let everyone know. Thanks.

  4. Phone number for rebate is at Savings for Someone Special 877-869-6599. They will give you the address of Saving for Someone Special Dept S PO Box 49112 Strongsville, OH 44149-0112.

    • Thanks for the info Trish. I hadn’t posted about that deal yet because I hadn’t read much positive about it and I like to know how the deals are working first hand before I recommend it. I may do a separate post about it.

      • It seems that it is working now at HT. But I still would question it. I had so much more than the qualified stuff. I also had Tampax, Pantene, liquid Tide, etc. Maybe they didn’t have all the items in the system the first day? Anyway… I will let you know if they actually accept the mailed in version without the Catalina. Have a blessed week! Thanks for your deals.

  5. the coupon for the colgate toothpaste (.99 sale price) is for 4.0 oz or larger the ones on sale for .99 are 3.0 oz . I tried today and they would not take it.

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