Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons begins tomorrow!!

Triple coupons will be put on hold again as super double coupons begins tomorrow at Harris Teeter.  All coupons up to $1.98 will be doubled. Limit of 20 per day per VIC household is in effect like usual.  I hope to have matchups posted by tomorrow morning.


5 responses to “Harris Teeter Super Double Coupons begins tomorrow!!

  1. I am really new to coupon shopping & just got used to Triple Coupons at HT!! Can you quickly explain how the Super Double Coupons work? is $1.98 the value of coupon or the total once super doubled? Thanks for any help


    • Hi Kim, HT will double any q that is under $1.98. So a q for $1.50 would be worth $3.00. Don’t forget you can only use 20 q’s. Have fun shopping!

  2. Conformation?… Is anyone sure about super doubles tomorrow? I heard it was, but someone has posted on facebook this morning that they have the flyer and it is still triples.

  3. I just called Harris Teeter in Long Neck and our local HT stores are NOT doing Super Double coupons. Triple coupons is continuing instead. This is very disappointing because there are a lot more good deals with Super Doubles than with Triples. Oh well, at least we have Triples.

    • Hey, triples are GREAT and they will be ending soon, April I hear. So we will get some super doubles next time! Other locations have done away with triples a long time ago, so we are lucky. Thanks for all you do!

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