Sorry we are posting so late!  We had a busy morning this morning.

Before we get to the winners, here is some other information.

We  just wanted to let you know to please feel free to comment anytime…if a deal doesn’t work for you it would be helpful for others to know, or maybe you saw a deal we missed and that would be helpful to other readers as well.  If you found a deal that doesn’t necessarily go with a post, we have a Miscellaneous Discussions tab and you can mention it there.  Also, I know at least one person has some coupons they aren’t using, so be sure to check out the Trading Coupons tab in case they are something you could use.

Thanks again for reading! We are glad that we are able to help!

We went to and put in the 10 names that commented, then had it randomized the list. This was our result (I just copied the top 3 since we only have 3 winners):

List Randomizer

There were 10 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Shawn
  2. Gretchen
  3. Christina

So, those are our winners!  We can give the coupons to you the next time we see you, or if we don’t see you regularly or you would like the coupons sooner, send us a message on Facebook or on our Contact Us tab with your address and we can mail them to you.  Congratulations!

For those that did not win, we appreciate all of your feedback!!!! It helps us to know what we should focus on.


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