Giveaway on our Blog!!!!

We have some coupons to give away but we need your help.  Leave a comment on this post either on Facebook or the blog telling us what you like best about out blog.  You can tell us your favorite posts, favorite store deals, when we tell you about printable coupons etc.  Your comment MUST be on this post on the blog or on Facebook.  If you comment on our Facebook wall or another blog post it won’t be eligible.  We will use a website that will randomly pick the winners.

The top 3 winners will win a coupon for a Free Purex Complete Crystals Softener 28oz bottle that doesn’t expire until 12/31/11 AND the Smartsource & Red Plum inserts from this past week’s (3/6) Washington Post!!   There were some really good coupons in that insert.

This giveaway will end on Monday 3/14/11 at 11:59PM so start leaving your comments now for your chance to win!!  If you would like more information about the Purex Complete Crystals Softener, click on the link.



12 responses to “Giveaway on our Blog!!!!


  2. I love using your blog! It is very accurate and specific on how to get the best deals at our stores. I have been telling new coupon users about Lifesabeachwhensavingmoney because the deals are simplistic and the links to the q’s are great. Can’t say enough, thanks for all you are doing to help us be better stewards of money.

  3. I enjoy your blog b/c you guys make stacking coupons easy! I could never do it on my own. Thanks for sharing all your tips and insights!

  4. I am really new to coupon shoppping. I love the fact that you explain the deals. The blog actually gets me excited about going grocery shopping & then when I leave the store I am excited about how much I have saved. I have only been at this for 3 weeks. Last week I saved 58% at Harris Teeter and came in at less than $100. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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  6. What do I like best? Uh, the free stuff we all score!! That, and its thrilling to share our info with others and see how many free deals we all come up with….like I told Trish – Couponing is like trading cards for adults 😀

  7. ok so not sure if I left my reply on the right page so i am posting again….I LOVE your blog because I have learned so much about how double and triple coupons work as well as stacking coupons. You have helped me save lots!! Thanks 🙂

  8. I love checking you blog every week to see the best deals at Harris Teeter. The online coupon links and the coupons matched to the sales are what I like the most. It saves me a lot of time and money because there is no way this Mom of three, ages 4 and under, could look up that much stuff and keep track of what I need when I go to the store. Just today we tried Safeway, and I printed your blog post for Safeway’s sales/coupons and had my coupons ready. It saved us time because we knew just what we were looking for and how much we were going to be spending.

  9. I like Harris Teeer the best. Thanks for your time and effort, I’m still new to this so I have’nt given the drug stoes a shot yet. Thanks again

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  11. Besides getting free stuff,it has been a great teaching tool to use with my kids to show them how to be good stewards of what God has given us- I hope its a lesson that stays with them all their lives- thanks

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