Harris Teeter Deals 3/2-3/8

Here are the best deals I see for this week at Harris Teeter.  Triple Coupons continues so these deals will reflect that.

Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice  $1.50
$.50/1 Old Orchard Juice 64oz Printable
Free after tripled coupon

Tabasco Sauce Original 2oz  $1.95
$.75/1 Tabasco Sauce Varieties  SS 1/30
Free after tripled coupon

Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Rice or Tapioca Pudding  $1.72
$.75/1 Kozy Shack No Sugar Added Pudding Product  SS 1/23
Free after tripled coupon

Totino’s Crispy Crust Pizza  $.99
$.75/2 Totino’s Crispy Crust Pizzas Printable (no longer available)
$.50/2 Totino’s Products Printable
2 Free if you printed $.75/2 when it was available and still have it.

Roman Meal Bread  $2.50
$.75/1 Roman Meal Bread Printable
$.25 after tripled coupon

Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz Can  $1.80 (B1G1)
$.50/1 Blue Diamond Product Printable
$.60/2 Blue Diamond Almonds 6oz Can  SS 1/23
As Low as $.30 after tripled coupon

Breyers YoCrunch Parfait Yogurt Multi-pack  $2.50
$.75/1 Breyers YoCrunch Parfait  Multi-pack  SS 2/13
$.25 after tripled coupon

Prego Pasta Sauce  $1.37 (E-Vic Limit-2)
$.50/2 Prego Sauce  SS 1/2 (There were many variations of this coupon)
$.62 ea. wyb 2 with above tripled coupon

Chocolate Cheerios  $2.50
$.75/1 Cheerios Various Varieties Printable
$.25 after tripled coupon

Honey Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms  $1.97 (E-Vic Limit-2)
$.55/1 Honey Nut Cheerios Printable
$.55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch Printable
$.55/1 Lucky Charms Printable

$.32 after tripled coupon

Eckrich Smoked Sausage Product  $2.29
$.55/1 Eckrich Smoked Sausage Product  SS 1/30
$.64 after tripled coupon

Green Giant Corn on The Cob 12ct  $2.29 (B1G1)
$.50/1 Green Giant Frozen Product Printable
$.79 after tripled coupon

Jimmy Dean D-Lights Bowls Product  $2.50
$.55/1 Jimmy Dean D-Lights Bowls  RP 1/2
$.85 after tripled coupon

Benefiber Drink Mix 1.69oz  $2.79
$5/2 Benefiber Products  SS 2/27
$.29 ea. wyb 2 after coupon

Yoplait Kids Yogurt 4pk  $2.00
$.50/1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt Printable
$.50/1 Yoplait Kids Yogurt  GM 2/13
$.50 after tripled coupon

Yoplait Splitz Yogurt 4pk  $2.00
$.50/1 Yoplait Splitz Yogurt  GM 2/13
$.50 after tripled coupon

Yoplait GoGurt or Trix Yogurt Multipacks  $2.00
$.75/2 Yoplait GoGurt or Trix Printable
$.87 ea. wyb 2 after tripled coupon

Yoplait Greek Yogurt Cup  $1.25
$.30/1 Yoplait Greek Printable
$.60/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt  GM 2/13
$.35 after tripled coupon

Tornados Frozen Items  $2.95
$.75/1 Tornados Product  SS 2/13
$.70 after tripled coupon

Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar  $2.69
$.50/1 Pompeian Red Wine, Balsamic, or Pomegranate Vinegar Printable
$1.09 after tripled coupon

L’Oreal Kids Shampoo or Other Kids Product  $3.75
$.75/1 L’Oreal Kids Product  RP 2/20
$1.50 after tripled coupon

Bounty Paper Towels 8-Roll Pkg  $5.77 (E-Vic Limit-1)
$1/1 Bounty Towels 6-Roll & larger  P&G 2/27
$2/1 E-Vic Coupon
$2.77 after stacked coupons

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant  $5.99
$2/1 Secret Clinical Strength  P&G 2/27
$3/1 E-Vic Coupon
$.99 after stacked coupons

Breyer’s Ice Cream 1.5qt  $1.97 (E-Vic Limit-2)


3 responses to “Harris Teeter Deals 3/2-3/8

  1. Harris Teeter has Luvs onsale for 5.99 and the $1.00 off evic coupon, Also my email said Huggies Jumbo pack onsale for 5.99 (limit 2) so the new coupons $2.00 off that $4 a pack too.

  2. Quick Question: Does Harris Teeter Double or Triple coupons that say “do not double or triple”? The online coupons for the cheerios, lucky charms, and I would guess the toast crunch says that across the top. Also the only coupon for the roman meal bread I saw was $1.00 off,and that was on a list of coupon sites after I printed off coupons.com I didn’t see the .75 one anywhere.
    Thanks for keeping me saving as I shop, and saving me some time in searching for good deals. You are doing a great job!

    • Hey Liz, sorry for the late reply but yes HT will double and triple any coupons that say do not double or triple. If the coupon does not double or triple on its own then they won’t force it. The only coupons that won’t are the ones you see in the little coupon machines in the store. All the cereal coupons will triple. Also, if you go to coupons.com and put in zip code 19901 and sort by food you should see the Roman Meal coupon. I’ve also seen the $1 coupons but of course those aren’t a great deal. Thank you for the kind comments. We really appreciate them!

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